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full-length play

some tags:

historical revision

magical realism


toxic male figures


Anton - 18, he/him, too-young-protegé

Hadrian - 54, he/him, emperor

Theo - 20, he/him, hot boxer

The Parcae - (the fates) ageless, can be played between 1-3 people


PARCAE: How do you want to be remembered?
PARCAE: It’s a simple question.

ANTON: I don’t know.
PARCAE: For example, the last person I asked said “as a fiercesome warrior,” and the person before that said “a man who could really bake a proper cake,” and the person after that, who was a stout man said “As a river goddess.”
ANTON: Ah...
PARCAE: You can take your time.
ANTON: Okay.
PARCAE: Do you want to play patty-cake in the meantime?
PARCAE: Okay, in that case, you better hurry up. I don’t got all day.
ANTON: The man who gave his life to another.



As the relationship between the 18-year-old boy wonder, Anton, and Emperor Hadrian begins to turn sexual, Anton finds himself hounded by the Fates, gaining an affinity to a hot boxer, and named heir to a throne.

production history

Staged Reading, University of Washington, 2018

Workshop Reading* - Parley Productions, August 2018

acknowledgements + inspirations

in the interest of acknowledging that this play-thing would not be here without these works, individuals, and support:

  • Karen Hartman

  • UW Rome Creative Writing Study Abroad Cohort (2017)

  • Boxer at Rest (Bronze Statue)

  • E•MO•TION (Carly Rae Jepsen)

  • Percy Jackson, probably

*a "workshop reading" is a term coined by Parley Productions to describe their presentation process at the end of a workshop. half-way between a staged reading and a full production, it has staging, actors with scripts in hand, and like, a $100 budget. 

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