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Jane holds a knife. It's bloody. Hester lies on a table. She's bloodied. Peregrine blows out a candle. Go back in time. Jane, Hester, and Peregrine work as maids in a 1900s manor, unable to say what they want to say, stealing moments away from work to hold time with each other. Their love bubbles under their words. We hear their thoughts they aren't yet brave enough to tell each other. They can't stop thinking of death. We hurtle towards it.

HK is a little lost. They just quit their job as a police officer, broke up with their cowboy-partner, and made a vendetta with their brother-in-law. They find themselves caught in the throes of a family drama, noir, and romance. And worst of all, nobody will stop commenting on the fact that they are wearing a Hello Kitty™ mascot costume (but it’s slightly off because of copyright laws).

Darren has invited Tchai(kovsky), his date, over to his home for the first time. They’re flirting, dancing, and discussing the morality of pineapple pizza when things start to go sour: the pizza person acts really weird, the power goes out, Tchai lets his nerves get to him, and last but not least, a masked intruder wielding an axe accidentally gets invited in.

Brook is the granddaughter of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants who settled in Tacoma. She has been born with a rat-tail - a mysterious appendage that has been passed down her family ever since Nu, on her way to the U.S. from China, grew a tail. Brook, at the request of Nu, has grown up with her tail with one condition: she may never leave the house and see the light of day. This tail, and its history, must be kept hidden.

As the relationship between the 18-year-old boy wonder, Anton, and Emperor Hadrian begins to turn sexual, Anton finds himself hounded by the Fates, gaining an affinity to a hot boxer, and named heir to a throne.

knick-knacks and shorter works

Firelight, a variety show

(Dance + Music + Storytelling, Velocity Dance Center, April 2023, w/ Alyza DelPan-Monley, NEVE, Leanna Keith, Cessa, Temmy & Jeffrey)

Nowhere is good for now & mothjuice

(10-min plays for 14/48 Vashon, Jan 2023)

How to Bake a Play, a Personal Recipe

(article in Hugo House Blog)

I cannot use what you have given to me in love

(10-min; movement; Parley Production's Aposiopesis)

[link to production info, scroll down]

I guess I'm the end of my family line
(One Act; commission from Mirror Stage, EXPAND UPON: Climate Change)

[podcast link, conversation with Julieta Vitullo]

If only I could give you the sun (composed by Drew Swatosh)

(One Act Opera; Librettist; Seattle Opera Creation Lab)

[video link][article link]

[link to Drew's website]

I'm afraid of sleep (or waking up), will you stay with me before I fall? 
(10-min; Pork Filled Productions 24-hour Play Festival)

[video link]

To grandmother at the end of the world 
(10-min; Top 10 in the entertwine AAPI 24-hour Play Festival 2022)

[video link]

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